Bamboo cushion cover

From the Nordic Nature collection.

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Size: 50x70cm
Color: White
Our soft bamboo pillowcases give you the night's sleep you deserve. Silky-soft, cool fabric with bacteria-inhibiting, skin- and allergy-friendly material. The cushion cover has a small zip and no tags. Choose from a total of five different colours, and the sizes 50×70 (normal) and 70×100 cm (hotel pillowcase).

Duvet cover with ties

In each corner on the inside of the duvet cover you will find ties that can be tied to the duvet. This ensures that the duvet is held firmly in place in the duvet cover and does not slip.

Bottom opening with buttons

The duvet cover has a bottom opening with bamboo buttons. The cushion cover has an "envelope" opening and does not come with any annoying buttons or tags.

Sizes on the label

A problem everyone with lots of bedding has is finding the right size for the right bed. Bosant has innovatively solved this by setting the size of the label.

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Soft and silky

The market's softest bedding. If you don't agree, you get your money back. The bamboo fabric's silky smooth surface reduces friction against the skin. This helps you with sensitive skin. The substance also helps to reduce the course and texture of the hair.

The miracle plant bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can grow 15 meters in just six months. This makes that
it to one of the world's fastest growing, as well as that it binds more CO2 and produces up to 35% more oxygen. It demands
also only a third of the water cotton uses, and it can grow under very different circumstances.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and no insecticides or chemicals are used during cultivation. It also has hypoallergenic properties that gently protect against skin irritation.

The plant used in production (mosobambus) is not eaten by pandas. Thus, no pandas go hungry during the production of our bedding. No animals are harmed during production either.

Temperature regulating

The bamboo viscose has tiny holes between the fibers. This provides better thermoregulation and ventilation. The fibers breathe and stay cool when the environment gets hot. In this way, the feeling of "cold side of the pillow" is preserved throughout the night.

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